Urban Remote Sensing Laboratory

About Us

In the recent years we see more and more people are moving towards the city. This aspect has caused some concern and interest among the planners, environmentalist and people alike. Some work towards reducing the degradation of the urban environment due to this sudden change, some try to quantify it, some try to just talk about it and some are just concerned based on narration by others or their own experience and are not aware of exactly what is happening around their surroundings. Over the past one year we at the Center for Urban and Environmental Change (CUEC), Indiana State University, have tried to address some of the quantifiable terms through remote sensing measurements. We have also tried to collaborate with researchers such as environmentalists, ecologists, climatologists, etc who share similar interests to try to address this issue. On a broader scale we realized the major problem with many are that they are aware of the aspect and want to know how to quantify certain physical changes so that they could either feed the results into their model to arrive at better predictions or use the measurements to justify some of the results which they have come up with based on certain models. In order to address these issues we decided to start the first Urban Remote Sensing Laboratory (URS Laboratory) at Indiana State University. Our aim is to provide help and guidance to people who would like to understand urban remote sensing, would like to share their opinions, publish their research (big and small) and to create a platform for people to blog/discuss issues related to urban environment or remote sensing with people of their likes and interests.

Even though we try to keep the discussions as informal as possible, we strongly encourage people with professional interest to take part. Apart from your regular queries we encourage you to contact us in case you need to collaborate or need specialized help, we at this lab would do our best to accommodate such requests.

We would like to thank the support through grants provided to us by the following organizations; without which this project would not have been successful.
1) United States Geological Survey, IndianaView Consortium.

2) Office of Information Technology, Indiana State University and

3) Center for Urban and Environmental Change, Indiana State University.

This site is currently hosted at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana.