What is URS or URSLab?

URL or URSLab stands for urban remote sensing laboratory. It is a part of the Center for Urban and Environmental Change (CUEC). This lab is established to extend research in the field of urban remote sensing and also to facilitate people who share similar interests.

How do I become a member?

It is very simple, on the left hand side under "User login" click on the link titled "Create new account" and follow the basic steps. It should not take you more than a minute to become a member.

Why should I become a member?

Members have access to several other resources within the web site for example they can go through the works published by other members, search for other member with similar background, participate in the forums by posting questions and answering them. Further members can also ask for additional help from the laboratory and have the chance of getting affiliated to the organization.

Is there a membership fee?

NO, membership is free for all users.

Can we post questions which are not directly relevant to Urban or remote sensing within the forums?

We generally appreciate if the questions are directly or indirectly related to urban or remote sensing issues but we do assume that you members would make the sensible decision of the contents being posted and discussed. Nevertheless, if any contents which are very deviant from the ethics of this laboratory, those contents would be removed immediately and in some cases might lead to permanent block of the concerned member from further participation.

Can we come and visit the lab?

Yes, all people are welcome to come and meet us in person. We encourage such meetings and discussions. We also request you to make early appoints in order to make your trip fruitful.

Can we collaborate with the lab?

Yes you can collaborate with our lab. Currently we do have collaborations with several organizations and universities. If you wish to collaborate do contact us personally and we would be happy to guide you through the process.

Should I be affiliated to university for collaboration?

No, not necessarily. We also encourage private companies, NGOs and institutes towards collaborations.

How can I get my Advertisements within the website?

If you want to put your advertisements in our website do contact us along with the details of your advertisements.